MESH changed the world.

In a summer day of 2015 at Tokyo I happened to meet MESH, IoT toolkit produced by SONY, by chance. Then my life is completely changed.

It says anybody can be an inventor.

Yes, in a year or so I can make lots of things connected to Internet easily with MESH even I didn’t have knowledge about hardware nor software. I was just Otaku but there was no sense of making something.

How did MESH change my life?

Followings are the things happened just in a year:

  • I made 30+ gadgets/things with MESH and shoot them in a bunch of movies as MESH Playlist in YouTube.
  • I wrote the instructions of the MESH crafting and ideas in MESHBOOK in Kindle and Paperback  and sold thousands of books in online and offline events like Maker Faire.


  • Checkin MESH Tree” got the Best Award at Maker Challenge Contest in 2016 Summer.



  • The tree was exhibited at Maker Faire Tokyo 2016 at Tokyo Big Sight Odaiba.


  • MEiSHi” Talking Card Case and the Bookmark are exhibited at SONY Building in Ginza (Landmark at the center of Tokyo) and Marunouchi Good Design office during the contest.

Innovation Lounge at Sony Building  Innovation Lounge at Sony Building in Ginzaimg_9266

Marunouchi Good Design office

  • I used MESH in sports and run full marathon in Winter 2016 then MAKE: Web featured me in the site!


  • Exhibited my new product MESHBAG” and others at CEATEC, Asia’s biggest Electronics Trade Show.


  • My movie HOMEsh, home automation usage with MESH, was used in lots of places (University of Tokyo, San Francisco Bay Area)  to show how MESH and such IoT gadgets change our life easier and with fun!

HOMEsh and The Movie

People start to say me as an Inventor or Innovator but it’s just because of a magic of MESH!

MESH changed me from an User to a Creator.

MESH takes me to a variety of places previously I’ve never been: From University, SONY building, CEATEC and SF to the contests, big events, and lots of presence in the Web.

It was an enormous change in my life.

So the next, you can change you life with MESH!

Go to Tokyo Mirai Mode to get MESH in the cloudfunding.

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