Sony Spresense Cycle Computer

Cycle Computer with Sony Spresense

Cycling is Communication

This cycle computer is made with Sony Spresense which has GPS, Accelaration sensors, BLE, Wifi and more!

This computer has communication tools between cyclists and machines via Bluetooth and Wifi networks.

Main feature for the cycle computer is as follows:

  • Check friends’ bicycle are close enough in Fun ride and Make alert if friends are apart.


  • Show firiends’ status (Location, Speed, Laps) in Competitive race.


  • Notify self/friend signal to change the ride in Relay race.
  • Basic cycle computer functionality is equiped: Speed meter, Distance, Cadence, Altitude, Power, Heartrate, Calories…


Bills of Materials:

Materials and boards used for the cycling computer are as follows:

  • Sony Spresense Main Board
  • Sony Spresense Extended Board
  • Sony Camera Board
  • Spresense Add-on Board: ROHM Sensor Board
  • Spresense Add-on Board: ROHM BLE Board
  • Spresense Add-on Board: SD Board
  • Spresense Add-on Board: Wifi Board



Main feature for the computer is as follows:

  • Cycle Computer Display

  • Measure Cycle Speed and Cadense

  • and Direction

  • Measure Heart rate

  • Check Outside Temperature and Presure

  • Camera on Helmet

  • Control cameras on the bicycle




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