KPY (English translated by PY)

(This story is automatically translated from Japanese version of whole contents to English by PY device’s translation functionality.)

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Yes, this is Yoshida. I am out now.

If you leave a message…

“I’m sorry, sorry, what have you got now?” Sho picked up the phone and speak up in a hurry.

“What’s wrong! Is it? Opening ceremony now, are you watching TV now?” My girlfriend Mai complained of dissatisfaction.

Yes, today is the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympic Games. July 24, 2020, the whole world is now paying attention to Tokyo.

As a matter of course, Sho keeps his fingers on a small mouse type device.

Then, the electricity of the living room is automatically attached, and as usual, favorite TV program arbitrarily attaches (although it says that today all stations are one color of the Olympic Games), that mouse speaks.

~ Sho, welcome back. How was your day? Because we had four meetings and one deadline, you will be tired.

~ Do you read the headline news today? Oops, today was the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. Today’s topics are all sports related ,,,,

In 2017, the life style of everyone changed drastically with mouse type AI assistant ~ PY released from K Corporation three years ago.

When you hold your finger over the white, cranky device, you recognize that person by biometrics.

It’s a machine that automatically suggests various services by voice from his / her profile, depending on name, gender, age, preference, etc.

In addition to not only providing the best information, AI learns what is appropriate for that person day by day and speaks wisely.

Listen to the daily voices, accumulate it, memorize voice prints, talk flow, mouth habits.

Sho is an even more IT-based salaried worker, but such a clever AI is depriving work from the world of IT and programming.

You just write the code, or AI itself is automatically upgraded to a smarter program. Such a world was already there.

The AI ​​device ‘s PY has a built – in camera, from which you can read the facial expressions, complexion, atmosphere.

For example, it reads body temperature, heart rate, amount of sweat, etc. from the touched finger, from voice tone, complexion,

~ a little pale complexion, there is a slight fever. You will be tired, so take a dinner tonight and go to bed earlier.


“Yeah yeah, PY is something like a mother, I know, I will make frozen wild vegetables udon today.”

“PY, vegetable udon, keep it warm”

~ Yes, Sho. I am preparing it, thinking that I like udon noodles. Please look into the electronic refrigeration range after 30 seconds.

“Truly PY, I care.”

“Sho, what are you mumbling! The torch will light soon!” Mai screams.

In 2020, the second Tokyo Olympics. A sacred fire will soon be on the new National Stadium in Tokyo.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

At that same moment, Sho was in the New National Stadium.

It protects the world’s leading people gathered for the Olympics as a secret service.

Actually, in accordance with the opening ceremony of this Olympic Games, there was a sign of terrorism.

Do not make catastrophes happen on this highest stage. It was a show that is shining eyes while walking around the reception seat where the key person sitting, in the stadium, in the form of an ordinary person.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Both the show who made a phone call at home earlier and the secret service show are the same person.

What do you mean.

It was only the AI ​​device developed by that K Corporation knew about it.


Actually PY has a secret function. Developers’ K Corp. secretly developed and operated this, and provided it only to specific customers.


It’s a copy function, KPY.


Talk to some 506 words toward PY, let him remember his voice, tone and voice print. And, with a signal of completion of copying, PY can become a copy robot who pretended to be the person.

After that, if you connect the phone and the phone with radio etc., it is impossible to distinguish (understand) whether the answer by phone is that person.

In any situation it is possible to abandon such a human – like answer. If you put the schedule that person wants that person want in the calendar (in the case of the show, it is supposed to be a salaried worker), it will start to have natural conversation from that information.

Even now, against me, I’ve been talking about making a stuporous story that actually did not actually say “Today, my boss is strange again.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

In such a case, the real show was moving about in the stadium with the limit of tension.


At guests’ seat, President Joker of the United States and chief grandson of China are rarely chatting with each other.

Of course they also use PY. If you speak in your native language, it will be automatically translated perfectly into the other’s words.

Their various secret schedules also enter the ears of the leaders efficiently without being heard by the opponent by bone evangelistic speakers.


This copy copy function was widely used for busy executives and politicians.


For example, Oriemon Okae Takashi who is a famous manager and has many troubles and insults also secretly utilizes this machine.

He has several businesses, furthermore TV and radio appearances, interviews and magazine interviews and parties, there are just as many body as there are. Even such a person, he did not know when and where it would appear, was famous for the devilish, but had nothing to do with this copy robot heavily.

He is an opinion, what I am talking about is simple, no matter where I listen, how many times I listen, I say the same thing, but that is worth it.

In other words, once you have memorized Oriemon’s wordbook that you remembered to AI, at one time on the radio, one time at an interview, one time at the writing of a book (since it has become a moment text to talk, Even if you use it as it is, readers, enthusiasts will listen again and again, they will pay and will buy it.

It is said that fans and potential fans are pleased with the feeling that the person is talking about newly, that they are writing down newly, and whether they use copy ribo, they do not feel any punishment of conscience.

It’s AI, Pi, of course to go back and forth between three companies, to give instructions to employees, to mail from the president’s office, of course. In presentation at company-wide conference, he appears on a huge screen, but AI’s arbitrarily created voice and movement, the contents that he said are “aiming for the world’s best company!” ” We are crying loudly (Actually AI is crying), the employees rambunctious dancing and followed up.


Furthermore, some rich man and world writer of the world remembered his own voice and sentences to life, made copies of their own, and some wanted their copies to continue to live even after death.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

In the New National Stadium, the moment when the torch light turned on was coming. The venue as a whole was rising to the climax.

At that time, some information flowed only to the president of the United States. ~ The possibility of terrorism rising to 85%.


President Joker’s actions were quick.

I soon felt uneasy, standing seated in the lavatory and the toilet and came back soon.

I sat back next to the grandchild, but I feel a little strange.


I understood it in a moment to the expert’s show of guardian.

President Joker is aware of the possibility of terrorism occurring, the appearance that was waiting in the toilet replaces entirely, replacing the earphone with the voice of President Joker’s voice. Voice, AI part is President Joker, but the contents are completely different people, just like the one.

This change is only for the remaining number of times until the torch lighting is done. Even if I talk with other leaders for a while, I think that it will not happen if I use PY.


The show that I saw it instantly is a complex feeling. From the side of the guard, even if there are emergency things, he is not the president himself, so the priority drops and the mind is easy, but here I finally shook hands with the Japanese Prime Minister and did not have them take a picture It is not.

Well, anyway, President Joker’s habit is on the Internet as well, and when combined with frequent tweet remarks anyone can be like Joker President, nobody cares whether now is the real Joker President I feel I do not.

Anyhow, it was a show that keeps on guarding without distracting.


The torch went from the last runner to the torch, just before the fire was on.

My grandchild next door will speak to President Joker as a matter of course.


Let’s learn it.


The grandchild’s chief seems to have been wearing a mask that looks like a real mask, and he was talking like a grandchild, using a pea, but as his peace relaxes himself with so much tension and special circumstances, I tried to do it without permission.


President Joker (Mr. Sokkuri) who uses the same pea also reacts automatically with T from the robot.


Originally they do not know how to do English and Chinese learning, but the two leaders of the superpowers are fond of funny things.


The last torch runner was the moment I set a fire on the giant torch at the highest point of the stadium.


That flame stand was dislocated, and the chunk that was 10 meters square had fallen down on the arena seat.


It is terrorism. The show instantly noticed and runs near the seat of the crowd.


However, its torch table was planned by a terrorist, in a straight line, aiming for a key seat.


That torch crash strikes the youngest British women prime minister Yuri who was at the nearest.


Too bad, the torch cradle will roll to the seat of Prime Minister Oimeike of Japan as it is.


It was the moment the prime minister was crushed. That celestial bench stopped just before it pitched.


Prime Minister Yuri of England is holding down the flame table.


Bleeding from the forehead, I can see the face of another person from there.

The British agent, Eura wore a mask resembling the prime minister and was replaced.

And PY expanded the muscular strength of human beings, and Eura had many times more power than usual, and stopped the torch firebase in the narrowest place.


In other words, there is nothing. Knowing the danger of terrorism, all the leaders of the United States, China, and the UK have replaced themselves, and the principal was in a safe place.

Japanese prime minister who escaped the crisis just before is not sure whether it was himself or herself.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

And there Sho descends the bicycle.

It is right next to the new National Stadium in the middle of construction.

Take out the newly developed pin from the helmet.


“Today I could just write the novel’s climax.”


I wonder what he is saying.


The high school student ‘s Sho rides a bicycle to the preparatory school everyday after entering the summer vacation.

Pass through Jingumae which is a National Stadium from Shibuya until Ochanomizu.


The high school student inventor’s Sho makes PY development a free study of the last summer vacation of the high school.

People who speak the languages of the world, become copy robots, and can respond to anything, were made by this high school student ‘s Sho.


PY takes pictures of the surroundings with a camera while riding a bicycle, and characterizes scenes, letters, objects, and atmosphere reflected in it.

Also, picking up noise, flowing music, and the Sho’s own tweets from the microphone.

And we also get heart rate, sweat, body temperature change, muscle contraction etc on the bicycle Sho.


By adding all of them, how awful you are writing novels.


~ The fireworks swayed in the wind, ~ The flag of Japan fluttered.

And PY will automatically make up sentences.


Today is special hot, body temperature and heart rate go up, my body was hotter than usual.

And at the New National Stadium there was a showcase of the Olympus planned to be used three years later.

PY’s AI strokes (reads) the parts, such as the most exciting part of the novel, the most exciting part of the novel, whether the terrorism will occur, who is the copy robot, who is the real thing, what the ending will be, Oops.


OK, this is the end of the test. It is a memorable day to cloud funding PY into the world.

Today, July 24, 2017. It is just three years after the Olympic Games.


Three years later today, the world leaders will use PY in Tokyo and copy robots will save the world.


At least this s is not a copy robot.


As a human being, he liked to ride a bicycle, feel the wind, and write sweat.

If that is done, his brain will be activated more than anything else. Thinking with your own head, thousands of stories will pass in the head at once.

PY is only writing it automatically, which is close to one of them.


The real story of the show has spread far beyond PY’s novel and the imagination of now.

Not a copy, the curtain of the Real Life Show is rising.

== The end of Kpy ==

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